Advisory Board

Prof. Alberto Vannucci, University of Pisa, Italy

Prof. Jens Andvig, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway

Dr. Sorin Ionita, Expert Forum, Romania
Sorin Ioniţă is president of Expert Forum (EFOR), a Bucharest-based think tank, associated expert with the Romanian Academic Society (SAR, a think tank), and invited lecturer in the Public Administration department of the Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj. He has worked since the mid-nineties on public sector analysis, decentralization and regional development, in Romania and a number of neighboring countries. Currently he cooperates as a consultant with the Council of Europe (local government reform in Western Balkans); UNDP (similar programs in Moldova); the World Bank (institutional assessments and sectoral reforms in Romania).
In 2010 he became one of Romania’s civil society representatives in the European Economic and Social Committees (EESC), the Transport-Energy and Rural Development-Environment sections. Mr Ioniţă graduated from the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute (MSc Engineering), Bucharest University (BA in Philosophy), CEU Budapest (MA in Political Science) and the National School of Government, Bucharest (SNSPA, PhD in Public Policy). He was a research fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford University; and a Fulbright Fellow at Georgetown University, Washington DC.
Currently Mister Ioniţă is also a board member of the Romanian Social Development Fund (FRDS), a government agency funding small development projects in poor communities; board member of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR); and columnist & current affairs commentator for various newspapers and TV stations.

Mr. Mike Beke, Blomeyer & Sanz, Spain
Mr. Mike Beke is a senior researcher for Blomeyer & Sanz. His professional and educational background is in political science and public administration with a special interest for European Union political and institutional affairs.
He conducts impact assessments and policy evaluations for EU institutions on topics ranging from tax fraud, corruption in public procurement to access to information law. He offers project management to non-governmental organisations, businesses and governmental institutions.

Dr. Lorenzo Segato, Co-founder and director, RiSSC - Research Centre on Security and Crime, Italy

Selvan Lehmann, Basel Institute on Governance, Switzerland
Selvan Lehmann joined the Basel Institute in 2011. He is an AML/CFT Specialist and in this role also acts as Project Manager for the Basel AML Index. Selvan’s primary responsibility is to manage the Basel AML Index and to assist ICAR on various technical anti-money laundering and asset recovery projects. He regularly also provides technical and research support to the Basel Institute's Corporate Governance & Compliance division including, for example, conducting analysis and reviews of best practices in relation to Codes of Conducts and their application for central banks.
Prior to joining the Basel Institute, Selvan conducted work for the United States House of Representatives as well as the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AIGCS), a policy think tank focusing on the transatlantic relationship between Germany/Europe and the U.S.

Elena Hounta, Basel Institute on Governance, Switzerland
Elena joined the Legal and Case Consultancy Division of the Basel Institute’s ICAR as Senior Consultant (FIU Specialist) in 2013 and currently works as Senior Asset Recovery Specialist. Her responsibilities include assisting jurisdictions in developing strategies relating to money laundering and corruption cases with a view to recover the proceeds of crime and also in establishing effective anti – money laundering and anti – corruption mechanisms. She is a lawyer and member of the Athens (Greece) Bar Association.
Prior to joining ICAR, she had been working at the Hellenic Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) as Head of the Department of Analysis and Tax Audits. Her responsibilities included co-ordinating investigations and resulting actions of all department cases for money laundering related to economic crimes such as bribery and corruption, fraud, embezzlement and tax evasion. She also personally handled investigations on prominent cases with broad media coverage and high profile targets, which ended up in pressing charges for major crimes.

Prof. Antonio La Spina , University of Palermo, Italy
Antonio La Spina is presently full professor of Sociology and Public Policy at the Department of Political Science, LUISS University "Guido Carli", Rome. He is one of the directors (with Bernardo Mattarella) of the Master's Degree in Management and Policies for Public Administration at the Luiss School of Government. He is also member of the Bachelet Center, of the Journal Amministrazione in cammino, of the newly formed Observatory on Italian public policies (which he is going to coordinate). Formerly he taught at the Universities of Palermo, Catholic in Milan (Security policies and their evaluation; Sociology of law), Messina, Macerata.