Dr. Alexander Stoyanov, Director of Research

Alexander Stoyanov is CSD Director of Research (since 1993) and Director of Vitosha Research (since 2000). Since 1991 he has participated in the design and implementation of a number of social and market research projects in the fields of social and economic behavior, social justice, corruption and organized crime, crime victimization, supported by UNDP, the World Bank, USAID and the European Commission. The more important long term projects include the Corruption Monitoring System, National Crime Survey, Survey of the Grey Sector, Eurobarometer and Flash Eurobarometer Surveys in Bulgaria.


Alexander Gerganov

Alexander Gerganov graduated Computer Systems and Technologies at the Technical University of Sofia. His Master's Degree is in Cognitive Science (neural networks modeling of perceptual learning). He has worked in different scientific and applied projects involving connectionist modelling, eye tracking, perceptual learning, e-learning, psycholinguistics, the study of perception and dyslexia.

Alexander Gerganov participated as a researcher in the Eye-to-IT project which was part of the Future and Emergent Technologies (FET) program under the 6th research framework of EU. Another international project, Alexander Gerganov participated in, was the Perceptual Learning project – a research fellowship between New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria) and Indiana University (USA).

Between December 2009 – August 2014 Alexander worked as senior researcher at Vitosha Research EOOD, where his main responsibilities included data processing, statistical analyses and CATI systems.


Stefan Karaboev

Stefan Karaboev is an Analyst at Economic Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy in Bulgaria. His main research interests are in the areas of Anti-Corruption and Good Governance, Civil Society and Public Policy. Stefan currently works on several related projects, including the EU Anti-Corruption Report, ANTICORRP and other initiatives, such as the Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI). Stefan holds a bachelor degree in European Studies from The Hague University, The Netherlands and is presently doing a master's degree in Public Management and Policies at the Sofia University.