MONAC project

MACPI toolkit is developed within the framework of the Monitoring Anti-Corruption in Europe: Bridging Policy Evaluation and Corruption Measurement (MONAC) project with the financial support of the Prevention and Fight against Crime Programme at the Directorate-General Home Affairs of the European Commission.


MONAC focuses on the anti-corruption experience of two EU Member States, Bulgaria and Italy. The project addresses the question of how anti-corruption enforcement monitoring can best be implemented in Europe. MONAC pilots Integrated Anti-Corruption Enforcement Monitoring Toolkit, a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring the delivery of national level anti-corruption enforcement and the dynamics in the incidence of corruption. The project: i) contributes to the development of EU methodology for monitoring anti-corruption policies and enforcement progress; ii) provides national and EU policy makers with the results of the piloting of an anti-corruption enforcement monitoring system that combines qualitative and quantitative appraisals; iii) further the application of public-private partnerships in anti-corruption in Europe. MONAC targets the identification of weak spots and gaps in law enforcement and judicial cooperation in preventing and fighting corruption.


MONAC’s implementation is be based on over 14 years of experience of the Center for the Study of Democracy in corruption monitoring/diagnostics in Bulgaria, Southeast Europe and Central Asia. CSD’s Corruption Monitoring System has been recognised by the United Nations as a best national practice.